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Wholesale offerings are entering the automated exchange game and bringing new options to eCommerce retailers.

The concept of a one-stop online shopping mall where third-party vendors offer their products and services is not new. However, in recent years, the eCommerce boom spawned a plethora of new digital marketplaces. Trade shows, showrooms and in-person shopping—all the traditional means of in-person product discovery—have been dramatically altered by the global pandemic.


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If you really want to expand your ecommerce business, online marketplaces are a must. But to reach this level of success, there’s one thing you’ll have to get right: To be as profitable as possible on these platforms, you need to first identify the best online marketplace for your brand.


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In fact, there are now hundreds of online marketplaces you could potentially leverage to reach customers doing their online shopping — both within the United States and overseas, with trillions of dollars in revenue potential just waiting to be tapped.


Yes, there’s a lot to consider. But remember: you don’t need to go after them all at once. You just need to determine which channel or channels are the best fit for your brand. So, let’s back up and discuss why you should consider becoming a third-party seller in the first place.


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Each marketplace comes with its own set of seller fees, commissions and requirements, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. But wait, listing your products or services on the AliveAdvisor marketplace is free of cost. You got nothing to lose after all.


With no set listing fees or commissions, the AliveAdvisor Marketplace is a very attractive option for new and established businesses alike. Selling on the AliveAdvisor Marketplace is an easy process.


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Elevate Your eCommerce Experience


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