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Our videos are an excellent resource for communication. As part of our communications strategy, videos and podcasts are powerful tools that save us business time and money. Unlike face-to-face meetings, they do not eat up the entire workday and may even not be necessary when we need to give a quick update that does not require any additional discussion.

Videos work and work better. They are more engaging than email and directly transmit almost 90% of information to the brain without distortion. Videos also make complex information easy to interpret.

Daniel Imperato Live

AliveAdvisor Interview NIBA New York, NY

Studies reveal that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Video Content is a Generational Shift

The desire for video content will continue to increase as younger people lean more towards visuals and videos than text as their chosen means of communication. They appreciate short and quick videos in place of dull and image-less emails.

Video communication is the most engaging form of communication regardless of age.

Videos let you establish authority. And a more personal touch where viewers are far more likely to connect with you on an emotional level.

Meetings provide another option for transferring information and an opportunity for organic discussion. But it is quite often difficult to align schedules and bring all the involved people in the same room online at one time.

Moreover, many of us had to switch to and learn how to work from home during the pandemic. It forced us to consider other options for effective communications. Videos have emerged as a great and particularly efficient option.

Stay More Informed

Digital transformation enables us to provide what our consumers precisely want to watch online. A vast majority of news sources are video-first social media platforms. Video advertising has an enormous influence when it comes to purchasing decisions. Explainer videos are commonly used to educate customers about products stacked in your eCommerce store..

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