The Imperato Foundation

Independent America with discernment for 2020 restoration of the Judeo Christian Constitution of the United States of America. By the people for the people written in the Spirit and need to be defended in the Spirit. Founded by Daniel Imperato a staunch Independent constitutionalist.

The Imperato Foundation a strategist for Independent Americans for, justice, supporting the military business educational advice and support concerning Judicial reform and Constitutional rights as Independent voters and Independent Americans. The Imperato Foundation a strategic educational advisory on states, national and foreign affairs, education governments, leaders and the people bridging the gap between business, religion and politics in concert with education and understanding of interreligious dialog. Praying for peace and unity for all mankind.

The Imperato Foundation expert negotiators, speakers and lobbyist supporting Habeas Corpus, Redress of Grievances, Childs rights, fight against judicial tyranny under the sworn oath to protect and uphold the Judeo-Christian Constitution and the rights given to the people of the United States of America and the importance of education the people and the world on the most important global issue in support of the Founding Fathers greatest blessed nation the Independent America that once was founded and anointed by our Creator with the Liberty and Justice given to all under the Devine intervention and collaboration in writing the United States Constitution. The most important document written in the history of times as important as Mosses Law. The Supreme Laws of the land that we Americans must protect and we global citizens must be educated too and protect as well based on the fact that so many people from around the world come to the great America. The most powerful country in the free world governed by The Constitution and supported by the people of the United States of America.

The Imperato Foundation with educating advice with defend the values and principles with kid gloves and bridge the gap between foreign nations supporting a rebirth of the Judeo Christian Constitution and its Founding Fathers Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

The Imperato Foundations Independent America with gather the nations and the independent Americans who stand for Liberty and Justice for all.
The Imperato Foundation an Independent America will joint venture with strategic organizations that it will support both financially and educationally as well as cross culture the strategic partners and affiliates vies and missions that align them self in accordance with freedom of the people in defense of the United States Constitution under the Judeo Christian Mosses Laws organizing a strong team of affiliates and partners to rally the people of the United States of America and support for the people around the world from foreign nations that have one goal and one strategy to place an Independent in the leadership position of the free world in defense of the United States Constitution and its democracy that we all around the world have enjoyed and if not upheld and supported we all will lose the greatness nation and its foundation which will in fact destroy the freedom and rights of every one worldwide.

The Imperato Foundations strategic selected partners will be an array of legal, political, news, broadcast and leaders whom will support our mission to increase and multiply the Independent American support and accesses to equal Justice and voting rights. As well as educating and assisting with state lobby for ballot accessing equal time in accordance with the rights for our people to know, and rights for our people to vote, and have more Independent choices in the election process.

The Imperato Foundation Independent America’s align met with these organizations will make it the most Power Grass Roots organization concerning the OUT OF ORDER governmental sauce and organization that we have placing boundaries, balances and measures concerning our government policies, voting, taxing and educational program. As well as so many other that are OUT OF ORDER and need to be brought back to orderly conduct and accountability in support of the sworn oath of office upholding the United States Constitution not tyranny and Judicial fraud upon the Courts and within our government representatives stripping the people from their rights while pushing forward with policies that are not legal based on Constitutional Laws of the land being violated because of self-interest and education of the interpretation the Founders Fathers Judeo Christian Constitution.

The foundation will operate with financial support from contributions, education advisory fee and sponsors.
The foundation will appoint members of the board of advisors and directors derived from its sponsors, supporters and strategic partners.
The foundation will fight for freedom, liberty and justice for all worldwide supporting the protection of the United States Constriction and its republic democracy.

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