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Startup Advisory Services

It is simple now for startups to reach international markets immediately following launch. Modern technology enables product adoption instantaneous. And global traction can organically happen right at the beginning. To enable this to happen, startups are required to develop a strategy concerning the systemic scaling of their business from a local region to any number of global markets.

High Time

Sure, it is, as over 25% or more of business for companies nowadays is coming from global markets. It is therefore high time that you scale and seek prospects outside your home country.

But scaling internationally requires cross-functional cooperation and alignment. Coordinating operations through a strategy is a new way of approaching markets for sales and vending.

Start-ups can, however, fall victim in absence of guidance and struggle to balance immediacy of succession the local market with resource-intensive global initiatives. It requires mastery and patience to expand to new regions.

Delivering Exceptional Benefits

How about turning your idea into a billion-dollar international business? AliveAdvisor promptly opens your doors to global opportunities from an optimal business point of view. Our solutions are designed to help new emerging entrepreneurs like you to conceptualize and launch new ventures at the push of a button.

Our expert solutions are customized, keeping in mind your unique business ideas, to quell confusion and satisfy queries during the startup advisory process. Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals from all around the world will personally steer and assist you throughout the process in all aspects of launching your new project.

Top Startup Business Advisory Consultant

The global team of highly skilled consultants associated with AliveAdvisor is enthused to work with start-ups. It reflects in our work and the value that comes from our expertise. We have successfully helped numerous start-ups from different regions of the world launch, scale, and sell companies to date.

Our principals and partners feature a diverse and significant track record while working with dozens of innovative early-stage companies and entrepreneurs on a diverse range of products and services. There is a great deal of insight we pour into every engagement.

Creating the Future of Business

Additionally, we play an active, hands-on role in the success of our startup clients. Our solutions are structured on a project basis or work as a part-time interim operating role.

More importantly, we speak the language of a startup, especially when it comes to financing and business development. AliveAdvisor has supported several clients in numerous pitch meetings and investor presentations.

Affordable Startup Advisory Services

What we charge for our startup advisory services makes us accessible to most emerging businesses including angel-funded startup companies. Be it helping entrepreneurs develop a value proposition or securing funding that they deserve from private investors, angel groups, and/or venture firms, AliveAdvisor startup advisory services ably support these emerging companies with a variety of resources, including the following.

  • Developing an elevator pitch, executive summary, and other documents that are initially required.
  • Financial analysis & financial forecasting.
  • Business model canvas.
  • Developing pitch presentation.
  • Go-to-Market strategies for new products and services into new market sectors.
  • Create business plans, including and/or enhancement.
  • Consulting for raising capital and networking connections.
  • Interim executive management.
  • Developing and recruiting an advisory board.
  • Investment options & presentation charterers.
  • Schedule meetings with private investors, angel groups, and/or venture firms.

Better Advice, Better Outcome.

There is an overabundance of advisors overall and it seems that there are more people claiming mentor status than actually accomplished businessmen. Our founder Dr. Daniel JP Imperato is an accomplished businessman with over 40 years of hands-on experience in international trade. He is tech-savvy and his understanding of the emerging world is unrivaled and out of the ordinary.

AliveAdvisor plays a crucial role in taking your startup business advisory services to a whole new level by rolling in extremely talented professionals, well-connected investors, and savvy individuals on board.

The AliveAdvisor team loves working with startups and it shows in our work. Our value comes from our experience. We’ve helped launch companies, scale companies, and sell companies.

Our principals and partners have a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with dozens of innovative early stage companies on a broad range of projects.

We bring a great deal of insight into every engagement.

In addition, we can play an active, hands-on role in our start-up client companies’ success – our work can be structured on a project basis or as a part-time interim operating role.
More importantly, we speak the language of start-up, especially regarding finance and business development. We’ve supported many clients in numerous pitch meetings and investor presentations.
Our fees make us available to most emerging growth companies as well as angel-funded start-ups. Whether it’s helping entrepreneurs develop their value proposition or securing the funding they deserve from angel groups, private investors or venture firms, we support start-up and emerging growth companies.

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