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The Overview: Services

With the idea that globalization is a key ingredient in the development of business, the development team for AliveAdvisor has set out to do what no other company has done before: establish the fastest gateway to the globe. For many companies, the world marketplace can be very intimidating and difficult to navigate. Many companies lack the knowledge and resources to compete in the global marketplace. It is for this reason that many companies hire outside consultants in order to help them establish their international presence. But more often than not, these companies are just paying the bills for consultants who get very little done and who are based upon empty talk and innuendo.

The team defies that traditional logic. Our organization has been designed to be lean, mean, close to the vest, and fast to deploy. By utilizing the speed of our internet portal (under development) a company can literally push a button and be connected to our global partners in over 194 countries around the world. Building upon the business models and successes of comparative companies, AliveAdvisor is composed of global experts in various fields all brought together to help companies develop and solve internal issues, no matter what they may be. Whether its advise, strategic partnering or joint venture manufacturing. The development team of is capable of solving the issues of any company.

The team for, is a team of global expansion and business development experts that are strategically positioned around the country and around the globe that identify emerging companies that wish to align with strategic partners, grow their businesses, and for business development. We have had senior executives expanding companies around the globe, and know the import/export markets of every major country in the world. Our masters in global business have been able to take their decision making specialties and apply them to both Fortune 500 and small cap companies alike.


Global Expansion

It takes a company with vision and innovation in order to be a leader on a global scale. So when a company decides that they wish to expand to international markets, they need a game plan in order to bring their vision and innovation into fruition. AliveAdvisor can guide you by showing which markets to enter, or what plan is most effective. Additionally, AliveAdvisor outlines what is needed for global expansion and development and how all of this can be financed, and achieved.

One of the most crucial elements of business is being able to look at your business from an objective standpoint. Sometimes being entrenched in the day-to-day operations doesn’t allow someone to see all possible avenues of revenues, or if funds are being spent wisely. Additionally, one must be objective when evaluating the performance of one’s sales team and whether or not that group is being utilized to their greatest potential.

By having someone evaluate the entire market for your product or service, a company can gain real insight as to why customers chose the competition, and where to focus efforts in order to grow the customer base. Many times business owners need a different perspective in order to know what to do to grow their businesses and more importantly what not to waste time and money on. Additionally, many companies believe that they are too small to go global, and lack the worldwide vision for their products and services.

Thus when formulating a global expansion plan, a company needs an expert, someone who will provide expert advice, and expert training in order to establish new in-roads in international markets, as well as maintain those new business relations.Businesses that join forces with the portal will be given access to one of the largest business minded Virtual Private Networks (or VPN’s) that has ever been created. Small business will be elevated to global exposure with the click of a button, and meetings will take place in cyberspace negating the need for expensive travel. With a gifted team of programmers dedicated to security and scalability the NOC will also be dedicated to security and scalability the portal will also serve to link together organizations that previously were distant cousins. The portal will connect people who need to be connected, production with innovation, and consumers with advertisers, and computer specialists with businessmen. Once created and fully developed, the Athe AliveAdvisor NOC will be unmatched and unrivaled.

Most companies do not possess the time in order to explore the issues involved with global expansion and derive the most profitable solutions. That’s what AliveAdvisor can do for you. Our team is able to maximize profits from existing revenues and increase revenues through strategic partners and create new projects to grow a company’s top line. We are able to evaluate all of a company’s operations: everything from existing business management services, new business management services, existing business process improvements, company management procedures, internal global expansion plan, custom global implementation plan, and strategic partners.

Concurrently, while evaluating the operations, the development team for AliveAdvisor, can assess a company’s financial situation by performing profit maximization studies, cost analyses for expenditures, budgeting for expansion, backup plan analysis, and compensation analysis & planning. However, where our resources are of greatest value is in our ability to formulate political, religious, and business applications for a company through the business contacts of our management. We help companies analyze and evaluate political alliances, adapt to religious sectors, integrate business into environment, and proper positioning in the global marketplace.

In formulating these applications, we are able to devise a comprehensive marketing program that utilizes global market strategic partners, branding, corporate identity, market research & competitive analyses, as well as promotional tools (e.g. website). Finally, we can put all of the missing pieces in place, including the facilities to make everything work. We are able to advise companies on new construction and renovations, construction & leasing management, and capacity & configuration planning. The team for, growth and business strategy is to utilize 50 years of relationships around the globe to invest in, acquire, or assist companies and then expand their horizons around the globe at the speed of light.

Our strategy and value proposition is plain and simple. Take products and services to the global marketplace via our portal, get a percentage of sales or royalties, and own shares in each company from equity investment or shares for services. We then increase sales around the globe which in turn creates shareholder value as we are able to generate cash flow from percentage of sales or royalties. AliveAdvisor has invested years of experience and several millions of dollars setting up “Mosses”, the octobotical network operations center. “Mosses” is poised to grow companies faster than ever before.

The team for brings years of experience in the global marketplace. The founders have a tremendous track record for advising and implementing business expansion around the globe. Utilizing our experience, track record, and the fastest gateway to the globe, AliveAdvisor feels as though it can provide unparalleled services to any business. The organization can help companies and investors analyze corporate global growth. The organization has affiliations in at least 70 counties and can set up, plan and implement your global strategies including strategic partners, sales-forces, licensees, equity investment and boardroom advice. We are the experts and we deliver. We are looking to assist companies with the desire to have global expertise on their side. The organization will work with you as an advisor, trainer, and corporate speaker and can take a hands-on approach if so desired.


Value Proposition

Utilizing a network of high net-worth businesses and individuals with the experience of over 50 years in business expertise like this difficult to find. AliveAdvisor, is able to provide personalized, hands-on service. No project is beyond our reach whether it’s advising you over the telephone, working with you for a few days or maintaining an in-depth and ongoing relationship. Once a company has decided that they wish to be advised that company must complete a client questionnaire, as well as agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), supply a business plan and/or investor relations package as well as a $500.00 (USD) deposit for due diligence, and 15 min of telephone advisory. Once we have approved your company as a client, the initial retainer fee ($30,000.00 USD plus expeses, if required) includes: business advisory over the telephone or in-person, as well as an executive summary detailing the necessary markets and procedures needed for development, expansion, and/or capitalization, as well as other agreed services. When the executive summary and the strategic plan laid forth in that document is agreed to by both sides during a face-to-face meeting via telephone conference or in person, then the AliveAdvisor will move forward with creating an in-depth white paper which details which people, the markets, strategic partners, distributors, etc., that need to be targeted, as well as outline what the capabilities and the expectations are on both sides in addition to how much everything will cost. All Fees subject to negotiation and change per circumstances.


Service Categories

A. Automobiles, Asset recovery, Apparel
B. Boardroom Advice , Business Analysis, billing systems , billboards ,beauty products
C. Cable Infrastructure, Clothing, Conventions
D. Diamonds and Precious Stones Distribution, drones
E. Energy, Esco related services, Encryption technologies, accessories
F. Finance and Banking, Food Products and Beverage , film ,fusion power, franchising
G. Government Lobby
H. Heavy equipment, Hydrogen rail, Horses
I. Infrastructure, Insurance, investigative service
J. Jewelry manufacturing precious ,semi or faux, investments
K. Kiosks ,Kids clothing, Kids learning systems
L Licensing , legal services, Laser equipment
M. Medical Devices ,Management Training ,Money Collection Systems, Mobile Phone Service , Manufacturing
O. Oil and Gas Exploration
P. Passport , ID cards prepaid
Q. Quarry mining
R .Real Estate Development , Religious Strategies, Rfp lobby , research
S. Security Systems , System Integration, Shareholder Development ,Strategic Partnering Worldwide , Satellite Communications , Sports Entertainment, ship building, software
T. Telecom networks, Transportation , Telecom Equipment, Travel
U. Undersea cables, undersea recovery
V. valuation, V – Sat . Visonaire
W. Watches, weaponry, wood, water filtration
X. X-ray equipment
Y. Yachts
Z. zirconium, Zink


Meet “Moses” The Octobot
My Octobotic Sales Service Electronic Systems
Advisor Facilitator Executor Worldwide

At The Push Of A Button
  • Technical Specification Integrated Solutions Offering And Specifications
  • Online App
  • Card Service
  • A Private Society Of World Class Advisors
  • Encrypted Membership Network
  • Commerce Communication Proprietary Access Network
  • Full Service Global Communications 008 System
  • Accessing Through Membership And Elite Network Of Advisory Affiliates
  • Expediting Access To The Worldwide Markets With Expert Advice
  • Strategic Planning Implementation And Licensing
  • Sign In Fee Agreements Revenue Sharing
  • Dropbox Shared Documents
  • E Verify
  • Sales Force
  • Payment Processing
  • Cloud Oracle
  • Encryption Silent Circle
  • PR
  • Search Google
  • Shopping And Shipping
  • Vetting Membership Qualifications And Credit Payments Card Service
  • Video Services
  • Meet Me Room/ Citrix
  • Skype Telecom Video Face To Face
  • Translation
  • Dictation
  • Telephony App
  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • Fee For Service Advice
  • License Fees Membership
  • Carried Interest
  • Partnership Integration
  • Vendor Finance
  • Access To Capital
  • Market Share


Expanded Services

  • Social Circlite
  • Political Poliboard
  • Ghostly Search
  • Global Network Infrastructure
  • Pops
  • 7 Continents
  • 196 Countries


Octobotic Systems
  • Octobotical Pops & “Optical” Mesh VPN Fiber Optical Networks
  • Future Private VPN Global Seamless End To End World Network Phase IV
  • Next Generation Internet Search Encrypted Banking Communications Network World Wide
  • Approximated Cost 50 bb Dollars Of Infrastructure
  • Partners
  • Governments
  • United Nations
  • Private Club System
  • Sub-sea
  • V-SAT
  • ATM


Legal Documents


  • Formation Foundation Pre-corp. Protect Web Strategic Partners Sponsors Advising Agency
  • National Roll-out TV Light Up Web Blast Pop Ups, etc.
  • Global Application Expansion Worldwide. Agency Advisers And Membership IV. POPs, Global Octobotical Subsea V-SAT System


Sponsors and Affiliated Organizations
  • Select USA, SBA, Atlas, Waca, Import/ Export Bank, US Chamber of Commerce State Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Boards, Legal of Cities, Business USA, Nam, Jobs Act Portal, Hedge Funds, Abudhabe Inv, Sia.


  • Management Estimated Valuation Start To Fully Developed Ranges From 100 mm To 30 bb
  • Valuation Method Comparative And Partial Competitive Intrinsic Valuation & Profit Center
  • Legal Zoom 425 mm, Angie’s List 850 mm, Home Advisor 150 mm, Next Door 1.2 bb, Facebook 350 bb, LinkedIn 26 bb, Skype 8 bb
  • Tech Vendors And Developers
  • Management Abilities
  • Proprietary
  • Competition
  • Pop and Subsea Expanded Valuation Method, Comparative and Competitive Intrinsic Evaluation

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