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Small and Medium Enterprises, commonly known as SMEs worldwide, contain a remarkable ability to propel the global economy. They drive the campaign for innovation and expand the tax base alongside collectively creating millions of new job opportunities. SMEs effectively heat the international market scenario by productively increasing competition amongst peers. They bring out the best in the sector by continuously struggling for supremacy.


Relevance to International Trade


While creating two-thirds of new jobs and delivering just about 43.5% of the US GDP, small businesses account for almost 44% of economic activity within the United States.


As the lifeblood of the global economy, small businesses from all across the world offer an excellent opportunity to participate in international trade. Stats reveal that SMEs account for a full 70% of global employment. Four out of every five jobs created in emerging markets over the last 2 years have come from small businesses. Empowering SMEs to tap into new international cross-border trade opportunities is, therefore, a brilliant idea.


SMEs Seeking Global Business Expansion


Alongside creating meaningful jobs with significant job satisfaction, SMEs also provide importance to entrepreneurs as they foster local economies by keeping money home and supporting communities and nearby neighborhoods.


It is ideal for small companies to seek a global marketplace, since, like any other organization, they want to expand operations as well to generate more revenue, increase sales, diversify, access investment opportunities, alongside reducing costs, and recruiting new talent.


Another positive aspect of SMEs going global is that they can make a greater impact with their products or services in an international market than they could do at home to a limited audience. Globalization with efficient global business networks and consumers worldwide together with effective online communications and shipping routes will act as a paving stone for SMEs around the world.


Global Economy Vis-a-Vis SMEs


With offsetting revisions and unchanged forecasts, the global economy is projected to grow at 6.0% in 2021. Improved health metrics, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, are encouraging factors behind upgrading forecasts for 2022 and years to come.


As per the estimates of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), 65 million firms, that account for about  40% of formal SMEs & MSMEs in developing countries have had unmet financing of $5.2 trillion every year. Pacific & East Asia regions account for the largest share, followed by Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, and Central Asia. And just about half of formal SMEs do not have access to legal credit.


SMEs play a major role in most developing economies accessing emerging markets. They are therefore a high priority for many governments across the world. Access to finance is a key pointer and major constraint to the growth of this sector as SMEs are less likely to obtain bank loans compared to larger companies. SMEs generally rely on cash from friends and family. Or internal funds to initially launch their businesses.


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AliveAdvisor: Small Business Advisory Group


Small and medium business advisory services offered by AliveAdvisor are set to change all that restricts SMEs’ access to global markets. Our online marketplace with a global consumer base is a selling platform where we do most or much of the work for you. We have a free listing platform that SMEs can access at the click of a button and reach a global audience.


Other small and medium business advisory services offered by the AliveAdvisor small business advisory group include Business Development Strategy, Financial Forecasting & Analysis, Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy, Secretarial Services, Talent Acquisition, Website & eCommerce, Strategic Partnership, Global Licensing Services, and much more.


Small businesses are the future. They are more nimble than larger companies and can quickly adapt to changes in the market conditions. However, they lack resources but can effectively offset the hindrance with tactics like cross-training employees in place of hiring a dedicated workforce.


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