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Octobotic Consortium Builders & Development Projects Worldwide

Octobotic Corporation is your experienced and trusted partner. It takes away the complexities out of global mergers and acquisitions arising with your international expansion programme. While ensuring compliance, Octobotic eliminates risk and helps businesses gain a competitive edge.

Octobotic has established infrastructures and capabilities across 214 countries in the world. The company is well-placed to support, guide, and facilitate your international expansion plans. There are a whole lot of things our expert team can do for your business, including licensing, locating strategic partnering, and successful mergers and acquisitions. Hiring recruits and onboard employees in countries where you have no presence would merely be a simple task.


Joining Octobotic is like joining an international community for life. We take care of licensing, strategic partnering, and regulatory compliances to keep your businesses running smoothly, and safely worldwide. You also get practical help with marketing to fuel your global expansion plans.

Octobotic Corporation is a global consulting services provider and the parent organization of AliveAdvisor. Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato KM S.S.P. GM+OB is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Octobotic Corporation. He has hands-on experience in the way’s businesses, religions, and politics work across the world.

Dr. Daniel Imperato has received several prestigious global awards and honours. Some of the most prominent among these include the Papal Knight, the Knight of Malta, Grand Priorate for USA & Canada, Von Habsburg – Austria & Alexandria Egypt, Foreign Affairs Humanities – Inter-Religious Dialogue, and more.

Global expansion is a challenging journey. Easy access to a worldwide infrastructure will ensure chances of success for your business, Octobotic will stay with you all the way and help you accelerate a collective vision to provide momentum for digital transformation.


The present global disruption offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to expand worldwide. This grows across industries and organizations around the world to unshackle themselves from legacies. You can now rethink how they do business and reposition themselves for international expansion.

The Octobotic infrastructure platform invites you to participate with our Consortium Builders’ Team for construction processes and development projects worldwide. You can submit your projects to the consortium group of experts you have expertise on.

Our consortium builders’ team will advise or will even bid for you to meet the requirements surrounding your RFP or development project in any part of the world. They will create a turnkey solution befitting your needs along with proper insurance and bonding requirements for development projects worldwide.

Join our Consortium Builders’ Team now for bidding and winning development projects worldwide.


You can choose to join Octobotic at different levels.

Affiliate Membership: Affiliate membership is an active way of gaining warm introductions worldwide. Octobotic is a unique growing community of executives, CEOs, and leaders in 525 regions across the world. You have access to all the best business resources to grow internationally.

Sponsorship: Sponsors at Octobotic are a valued community and global business partners having a shared vision of growing businesses worldwide. Sponsorship levels include the following.

  • Visionary Sponsorship
  • Chairman Sponsorship
  • CEO Sponsorship
  • President Sponsorship
  • Think Global, Eat Local Sponsorship


Octobotic Corporation helps members connect to ideal customers, partners, investors, and resources across metros and borders. Our members receive:

  • Targeted opportunities anywhere
  • Access to trusted advisors everywhere
  • Warm intros to customers and partners
  • Access to VIP experiences, virtual events


The experienced global consulting services team at Octobotic will help you create clarity from complexity. We bring together cross-industry marketing insights along with deep technology expertise to give success to your global expansion efforts.

Now is a golden opportunity to take advantage of. You could change the readiness of your organization to build momentum towards international expansion. Octobotic Corporation is here to help you realize just that.





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