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There are two categories of businesses, brands, and commodities. Most people normally pay for the brand and bargain for products. Branding is how you appear to consumers. Establishing, generating awareness, and promoting the brand are therefore crucial aspects of any business going online. 

Never underestimate the importance of the brand building. It goes a long way in consolidating your business. Eventually, your brand image creates value and shows what your consumers feel, think, and know about your products.

It has become a lot easier for businesses worldwide to sell their products and services with the advent of eCommerce. B2B eCommerce especially quickly added this trend as to how they work nowadays.

The B2B global marketplace over the last decade has witnessed a boom and where sellers are usually the wholesalers and manufacturers. This category from being non-existent earlier has turned out to be the single most prominent business model among online companies worldwide.

A standard B2B marketplace like AliveAdvisor allows sellers to open an online store where buyers can compare features, pricing, and offers before placing orders.

Only large multinational companies located in different countries earlier had the power to set up shops beyond borders to grab their share of the global markets. With minimal shopping options, small companies preferred to rely on local availability. The AliveAdvisor marketplace has changed the entire dynamics of how buyers can order products in bulk at the push of a button.

Selling More Online

AliveAdvisor serves as an effective tool to help you build your B2B eCommerce store. You can instantly become a part of a vast global marketplace on our free listing platform where thousands of buyers are looking for products you offer.
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AliveAdvisor is a multichannel platform and you do not have to run to different sales channels to generate more traffic. Moreover, we welcome businesses of all sizes to sell their products without much preparation. We also cater to a subscription-based version that is more suited to large enterprises.

We have everything you need to serve your customers. You have access to all the latest features required to empower a successful B2B marketplace. So, whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer, go ahead and develop the ultimate shopping experience for your B2B or B2C customers.

Total Convenience

B2B consumers these days expect a similar experience to normal B2C consumers alongside more restrictions due to their budget, timeframe, and other requirements while making a purchase. With that in mind, the AliveAdvisor platform is fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and wastes no time where your customers can shop exclusively. Navigation is also easy and you can load more informative product pages as well for numerous products or services.

Complete with intuitive navigation, the responsive AliveAdvisor marketplace allows you unlimited categorization for product variants so that your consumers quickly find what they are looking for.

Sales Opportunities Worldwide

Online sales opportunities have immensely grown ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Businesses around the world, including B2B, found new ways to satisfy the increasing customer demand. This potential growth in eCommerce has been proficiently fueled by emerging marketplace technologies for early adopters like AliveAdvisor to develop a competitive edge.

Your online store at the AliveAdvisor marketplace is just like a brick-and-mortar store that allows your business to extend your product list and customer reach without risking having any inventory.

You are in control of which brands you would like to onboard while our technology perfectly complements your revenue generation to test new products and regions. We aim to help companies to keep up with the efforts and ultimately be able to overcome competition.

Tap Into a Bright Future

The B2B marketplace arena is expected to reach trillions of dollars within a few years. AliveAdvisor provides a unique opportunity for B2B businesses worldwide to tap into and corner the market of specific verticals. After all, the digital commerce world is evolving so quickly. There are several compelling reasons why you should start early for a good position in your chosen business sector to pursue an agile marketplace for generating additional revenue right away.

Choosing the Right Marketplace Partner

There is a clear correlation between the success of your B2B global business and choosing the right marketplace model. Identify your key performance indicators and share them with your stakeholders. Consider all aspects including sales, reach, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Be more insightful and see how to set them right.

Speed is another factor that is crucial to global expansion. How fast you can implement functions and features matters. Partner with an eCommerce platform that adapts modern best practices to recognize customer needs and reacts quickly to what they want.

At the Heart of eCommerce

Invest in the AliveAdvisor marketplace to realize your global expansion plans. Our eCommerce platform is best suited to build sophisticated solutions for businesses on top of your legacy technology. The AliveAdvisor platform offers flexibility and modularity to resolve your exact business needs even when you are diving into digital commerce from scratch.
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Jony Marcel
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